Capturing and Using Scientific Data Provenance

Barbara Lerner
Elizabeth Fong
Mount Holyoke College
Emery Boose
Aaron Ellison
Harvard Forest
Margo Seltzer
University of British Columbia
Thomas Pasquier
University of Bristol
Joe Wonsil
Carthage College
Orenna Brand
Columbia University

Available Software

The following R packages are available for download from github. We recommend installing using devtools::install_github.

RDataTracker captures provenance created from R scripts

provViz allows the user to view and query provenance graphs.

provDebugR provides a debugger-style user interface to allow the user to debug an R script after execution is complete.

Rclean produces a simplified R script to produce a specific output from a larger script.

provParseR is a package for tool developers that reads JSON files containing provenance and provides an API to access the contents.

provGraphR is a package for tool developers that creates the graphical representation of the provenance in memory to support graphical queries of the provenance.