Barbara Staudt Lerner

Computer Science
Mount Holyoke College

You may wonder why you should study Computer Science? Computer science research is constantly leading to advances in medicine, technology to aid the disabled, fundamental research in all the sciences, art, music and more.

My favorite websites for women in computing:

  • ACM-W - An organization within ACM, the premier academic and professional computing organization, devoted to advancing the contributions of technical women.
  • Building on Ada's Legacy - An all-star list of women computer scientists with brief bios, many including links to talks or papers. Includes our own Valerie Barr and Jean Sammet!
  • dot diva - a website for young women who want to use computing to build a better world
  • Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology - organizers of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference as well as the Systers online community
  • Computer Science for Women - this website brings together information that cuts across age groups, from how to encourage girls to pursue computer science, through choosing a college and information about scholarships, on to career opportunities.



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Barbara Staudt Lerner
Computer Science Department
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